YEŞİLSOY GROUP Yeşilsoy Group, founded in 1960,has produced products and servicesion various fields in its history of more than half century; and has contributed to Turkish economy. Yeşilsoy Group, aims to increase the numbers of its actual companies through rationalist and innovative investments in food, fuel, whole and retail distribution and construction sectors which are the basis of life. Apart the force it adds to Turkish economy, Yeşilsoy Group targeting to play a huge role globally through the investments it is realizing, is approaching its targets by the means of its services on global standards and its expert personnel. NEYDİ Neydi, is one of Yeşilsoy Group’s youngest companies. Neydi, aims to produce organic and additive free products for food market. Neydi’s product range, wishing to continue Yeşilsoy Group’s already well-known quality in food sector contains: Traditional Turkish Delight, jam, honey, grape molasses, halva, tahini, breakfast food. Neydi’s target is to contribute into food sector through

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